Studying in College: What You Don’t Know

I was a good student in high school, and I like to think I’m one in college, too.  This said, there’s some not-so-subtle differences in studying for each level.  Here’s some tips I learned (mostly the hard way) during freshman year. Sleep is important. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  Sleep in … Continue reading Studying in College: What You Don’t Know

The 7 Different Types of Friends

Hey!  Just checking in with a little listicle about friendship.  Without further ado, here are the 7 different types of friends. The One You’ve Known Forever This friendship is at least a decade old.  You know everything about this friend, and they know everything about you.  Chances are, they’ve spent way too much time in … Continue reading The 7 Different Types of Friends

The Brawl (An Open Letter)

Dear men who are reading this, You will, very soon, notice that this article’s title is a play on words.  The content following may be something you’ve never had to think about before, or something you are uncomfortable with.  Please note that I am really writing this for you.  This article is something I hope … Continue reading The Brawl (An Open Letter)

My Heavy Heart

Today my heart is heavy.  Today I mourn the loss of an activist.  Today, I will use my voice to speak out against the racism and violence that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. This is no way to behave, as human beings.  The racist acts in Charlottesville are ripping apart our melting pot, our beautiful … Continue reading My Heavy Heart

Showing up Late: The Two Kinds of People

There’s nothing more panic-inducing than realizing that you’re not going to make it on time.  Regardless of where I’m going, I really hate showing up after I said I’d be there.  It’s awful slinking in late to lecture, or even making your friend wait while you try to obey traffic laws to pick them up … Continue reading Showing up Late: The Two Kinds of People


When people first meet me, they tend to first notice one thing: and that is my skin tone.  I am a pale person.  I’m not talking about your average white person here.  I’m talking about the kind of blinding whiteness that you might think akin to the surface of the sun.  My friends call me … Continue reading Representation

On Productivity

I wasted today.  That’s right.  I wasn’t productive.  I watched YouTube videos instead of cleaning the bathroom, and I only left the house twice.  Both of those times were a brief walk to a friend’s house to let her dog out. And that’s all I did today.  I pinned my lack of motivation on my … Continue reading On Productivity

The College Advice you Really Need

Ok friends, first of all, I want you to know it nearly 1:00 in the morning and I am just now beginning to write this post.  Interesting things happen at one am.  Like deep talk, weird snack cravings, and laughing at a solid brick wall for no real reason. Today, tonight, this morning, or whatever, … Continue reading The College Advice you Really Need