Expectations and Other Collegiate Problems

If you’re failing on your six-month old New Year’s resolution, don’t worry. I don’t even remember mine. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the kind of person I want to be.  As I get older, and as adulthood is starting to turn into my reality, I can’t help but think about how I ‘turned out’.  My … Continue reading Expectations and Other Collegiate Problems

Pretty, Pretty Please

As I phase out of my teenage years and prepare myself to face my early twenties, I’ve noticed a lot of change.  People, places, and the expectations they hold for me are morphing.  The world feels different; I feel different.  And it’s not all bad, but sometimes I do feel like holding on to the … Continue reading Pretty, Pretty Please

Stuck in a Daydream

I am a spacey human being.  I spend an enormous amount of my time daydreaming; but I’m not alone.  A Harvard study found that your average person spends roughly half of their waking hours with their head in the clouds (BBC), off to exotic lands and seeking forbidden love.  It’s almost like there’s an alternative … Continue reading Stuck in a Daydream

Hydrogen Peroxide and my Hellhound

The last few days in my house were fairly odd.  (Worse than usual.)  I’m back home from college for the summer, and my parents are doing some renovations.  The whole house was repainted to modern tones of blues and grays, the windows and appliances replaced, and, now, brand new hardwood.  The first floor of our … Continue reading Hydrogen Peroxide and my Hellhound