Let me first say that I plan to write something more coherent about this later.  I’m a college student, and my most difficult final is tomorrow.  But I couldn’t postpone this post.  So here it goes:

This is corrupt.  This is wrong.  This is a clear violation of freedom of speech.

Net neutrality is dead in America.  There are people that can control what I see, and what other Americans see.  And if they don’t like something, they can make it inaccessible.  They can favor certain sites over others.  Let me me say it one more time, for good measure: They can control what we see.

big brother

Orwellian, no?

As someone that runs a tiny, modest little blog, I feel the need to speak up.  I’ll fight this, if I can.  And for all I know, these very words, these very strings of sentences in protest could steer traffic away from this snarky little corner of the net.  But I’m saying them anyways, and I’m saying them now, before the consequences of the repeal come into place.

This is horrendous.

The only part Orwell really got wrong was the war part.  No, it’s much sneakier than that.  It’s a slippery slope, revoking people’s freedom of speech instead of a raging atomic war. It starts small, and builds.  First, we tell everyone to distrust the news.  We destroy public trust, and then control the content.  It’s genius, really.  I’d be impressed if I weren’t so furious.

Maybe this is a poor writing technique, but I don’t have a nice, neat ending for you guys.  I can’t switch this to something positive, and I can’t make a joke.  All I have for my tiny band of readers is a tangled mess of loose strings and sharp edges.  But that’s life, sometimes.  And that’s the way today will end, and it’s what tomorrow has to sort through.  And the next day and the next day.

I just have to cross my fingers and hope that people can see this.  Now, and in the very near, not-so-bright future.


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