An Open Letter to My Younger Self

Dear small me, I generally avoid giving advice – I usually manage to spill coffee on myself on a weekly basis, and sometimes I forget to look before I cross the street.  But I’ve made it this far, and, seeing as I’m about to turn twenty, I’m going to give you, young me, some advice … Continue reading An Open Letter to My Younger Self

The Old Lady that Lives in my Brain

  The other day, I went to a party.  Okay, you got me, a small gathering of like ten people.  And there were a few new people there, much to my displeasure, (I mean pleasure) and the host took it upon himself to introduce everyone.  He rattled off names and token fixtures of each guest’s … Continue reading The Old Lady that Lives in my Brain

I have a confession to make…

I have something to admit, and I think it might surprise you: Apparently, I have a bit of an attitude problem. Go ahead and take all the time you need to recover from the shock. A few weeks ago, I was sitting with my besties, watching horror movies on Netflix that were rated beneath two … Continue reading I have a confession to make…

The Exhaust of Dreams

Dreams are tricky things.  Things we can safely say no one really understands.  Once our eyes shoot open, all is lost.  We’re not left with much, other than sand in the corners of our eyes, and a few images projecting themselves in our mind’s eye one last time, with the flickering quality of a hand-crank … Continue reading The Exhaust of Dreams

My Imaginary Pigeon

About six months ago, I went through an especially painful breakup with Netflix.  I swore my ex off, lamenting all the time I lost in my less-than rewarding relationship.  In short, I wanted my productivity back.  The result?  At first, it wasn’t revolutionary.  I spent much of the time I would’ve spent binge-watching shows scrolling … Continue reading My Imaginary Pigeon

La Dolce Far Niente

The place where I live is covered in old snow.  Snow that’s been cleared off the streets, snow that’s been long since deposited on the curb.  And the air has taken to mingling with fierce winds and negative numbers.  The nights are a little brighter, though: not everyone has gotten around to unplugging their Christmas … Continue reading La Dolce Far Niente

30 Things I learned in 2017: A quality Listicle

Years are a more or less arbitrary marking of time.  Still, I decided to take the opportunity to reflect on everything I learned in 2017, and share it here.  Some of it's the trite-but-true, and some of it's a coffee-addict original.  Of course, I'm looking forward to growth over the course of this year, and … Continue reading 30 Things I learned in 2017: A quality Listicle

Sailboats and Blogs

Ah, the terrors of the blank, white page, and the expectant, blinking cursor.  Waiting.  Judging.  Hoping.  But what about the anxiety of a page full of words?  Here’s a little secret, my fellow bloggers and friends… I write posts I never post.  All the time.  It’s sort of its own separate little hobby. I wonder, … Continue reading Sailboats and Blogs

On Resolve and Pill-Swallowing

It has been drawn to my attention that the new year is fast approaching.  It has also been drawn to my attention that this arguably arbitrary celebration of the passage of time requires a resolution.  And a resolution requires resolve to do whatever it is that you’ve pledged to do in aforementioned well-meaning resolution. And … Continue reading On Resolve and Pill-Swallowing

A Very Merry Winter Solstice to you

Good news and tidings: The worst of the winter is behind us.  Since the 21st of December, the days have been getting shorter.  Here in the Midwest, there’s a bright, dazzling, cold sun and a layer of ice and snow dusting the ground.  Christmas lights are glowing.  In my house, jazzy piano Christmas music wafts … Continue reading A Very Merry Winter Solstice to you