The Brawl (An Open Letter)

Dear men who are reading this, You will, very soon, notice that this article’s title is a play on words.  The content following may be something you’ve never had to think about before, or something you are uncomfortable with.  Please note that I am really writing this for you.  This article is something I hope … Continue reading The Brawl (An Open Letter)

Showing up Late: The Two Kinds of People

There’s nothing more panic-inducing than realizing that you’re not going to make it on time.  Regardless of where I’m going, I really hate showing up after I said I’d be there.  It’s awful slinking in late to lecture, or even making your friend wait while you try to obey traffic laws to pick them up … Continue reading Showing up Late: The Two Kinds of People


When people first meet me, they tend to first notice one thing: and that is my skin tone.  I am a pale person.  I’m not talking about your average white person here.  I’m talking about the kind of blinding whiteness that you might think akin to the surface of the sun.  My friends call me … Continue reading Representation

On Productivity

I wasted today.  That’s right.  I wasn’t productive.  I watched YouTube videos instead of cleaning the bathroom, and I only left the house twice.  Both of those times were a brief walk to a friend’s house to let her dog out. And that’s all I did today.  I pinned my lack of motivation on my … Continue reading On Productivity

7 Things I Hate About Unpacking (And a Brief Update)

A Bit of an Update Hey everyone!  I finally got back from vacation very late last night, so I apologize for neglecting to post.  I started to write, I did, and two paragraphs in it was a mess.  I was so very tired and my brain was in an applesauce-like state. But enough with excuses. … Continue reading 7 Things I Hate About Unpacking (And a Brief Update)

The Genuine Self and Other Myths

Like most people, my online presence is very different from how I act in person.  For one, I never say, “Here’s the top 25 worst things about long car rides” and proceed to list each and every one. But there’s other things too. My sass level on this blog is what I would call moderately … Continue reading The Genuine Self and Other Myths

My Favorite Music Artists

My favorite Music Artists (In no particular order) I spend my life with my phone sticking out of my girl pockets and my earbuds in.  Though I am devoid of any musical talent, I still listen to it religiously.  I’ve mentioned this a little bit, but I’m honestly as addicted to music as I am … Continue reading My Favorite Music Artists

25 Things I Hate About Long Car Rides

An hour feels like a week, maybe more. It’s kind of like that long lecture when the professor keeps droning on and on, and you look at the clock, listen for a good ten minutes, glance back, and realize that 10 minutes was thirty seconds. When your family tries to talk to you, but you … Continue reading 25 Things I Hate About Long Car Rides